Friday, 18 August 2017

All About ... Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound can be used as a therapy as well as a diagnostic technique.   Ultrasound are sound waves with a pitch above the level of human hearing.  When used as a therapy the frequency (rate of repetition of the waves) is different to that used for diagnostic ultrasound.  As I explained in my ultrasound diagnostic blog these high frequency waves create an echo (which is what gives the picture).  

However, the ultrasonic waves also stimulate blood flow and cell activity, which aids healing.  This is because the sound waves are able to raise the temperature of deep tissues which means there is much more potential in therapy than just applying heat to the skin surface.  It will not heat the temperature of the skin surface whilst doing this!

The increased activity in the cells causes an increase in oxygen to the area which then again increases the blood flow.  Therefore, further increasing oxygen travelling to the area, and the increase in blood also brings more nutrients to the cells.  The increased cell activity also causes an increase in waste removal from the area, many of the waste products contribute to pain felt.

Ultrasound was first used in 1938 to treat sciatica.  It has now been used in hospitals for over 50 years.

Used for:
·         Improving joint mobility
·         Tendonitis or ligament damage
·         Muscle spasm
·         Bursitis
·         Scar tissue
·         Splints or other bony growths
·         Oedema
·         Pain relief in some circumstances
·         Wound healing


·         Treatment should only be given on the advice of a vet.
·         If used incorrectly ultrasound can cause damage and harm.
·         Ultrasound therapy should not be used in cases of acute sepsis because it increases the spread of infection.  It also should not be used in tumour treatment, on pregnant mares or horses with heart problems.

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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Photo Day xx

Love my boys xxxx

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Monday, 14 August 2017

Lots of waffle!

If you follow me on You Tube you will know that I do often start to ramble on ......  I don't do that much on my blog but I decided maybe it was about time.

As I am sitting here, in August - the height of summer apparently - it is raining!  I didn't manage to even lunge Basil this morning as it was so horrible.  Luckily I put his rug on last night so he wasn't cold but I only chose his rain sheet which is only really good for showers.  It rained a lot at the end of the night and the wet was just starting to soak through the rug when I took it off.

I've also noticed in the last week or so that it is getting light not long before I get up now so in another week or so it will be dark when I wake up.  That means not many more early morning rides :(   I love riding early in the morning, I am a morning person so it is when I have the most energy and feel the most inspired.  

The year has whizzed by and I just hope we have a few more good weather weeks in September.  It is sad but I am starting to plan the big autumn tidy up ready for winter.  The stables all need de-cobwebbing, the floors disinfecting and some of the woodwork needs painting.  The new roof looks great and I just hope it is as good as promised over the winter.  To do all these jobs the horses need to be out in the field and at the moment they are still in during the day and I don't really want to swap them onto their winter routine just yet.  Having said that I do want them to have as much more time out without rugs as possible and now it is getting chillier at night that would be easier if they were out in the day - I can't decide!  I will probably leave them as they are until the end of August.

Tommy is now officially mine which is really exciting.  He has settled so much this year and is totally at home now, he knows the routine and just gets on with life.  As he is always going to be just a companion there is not really a whole lot more that I need to teach him.  We are still working on the catching in the field and the tying up though.  

Chesney is making progress with his Cushings now, the tablets are definitely making a difference and I hope he is feeling as much better as he seems - he is losing his hairy coat, eating more and his stable is not so wet :)

Basil is pretty well (and I just hope I haven't tempted fate saying that) he is 16 this year and I will have had him 10 years in a few weeks.  That means it is 10 years since I first met and fell in love with his wonderful and gentle personality.  Of course he can be a bit loopy to ride but he really is the kindest and most affectionate horse.  

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Friday, 11 August 2017

All About ... Laser Therapy

Laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) Therapy uses light to stimulate the natural healing process.  Depending on the intensity of the light and the time for which it is applied cells can be stimulated or inhibited.  Low Level Lasers (sometimes known as Cold Laser Therapy) are used for therapy!

Light has been used for healing for centuries,  Hippocrates (5BC) used the sun's rays to treat patients.  More recently numerous trials have shown that lasers can heal soft and hard tissue in addition to reducing pain and inflammation.

Used for:
 ·         Muscle, tendon and ligament injuries
·         Back pain
·         Wound healing
·         Inflammation and swelling
·         Degenerative disease

The laser channels the energy contained in white light.  White light is made up of a spectrum of colours which each have a different wavelength, the laser concentrates the whole spectrum into a single beam of infrared light.  The light will travel through layers of tissue, but won't cause a critical rise in the temperature of that tissue!   This light is high energy but the therapeutic laser's are designed to be safe.  

The light can be continuous or pulsed.  Cold-wave lasers (continuous) are usually used to apply the light to acupuncture points, instead of needles but is also used for wound healing and some skin conditions.  Cold-pulse lasers are used for muscle strains etcetera as the light will penetrate to deeper layers of tissue.  The laser will emit alternating red and infrared light which ensures the tissue is not burnt or damaged. 

How does it work?

Light is a type of energy.  The laser directs light into damaged cells which (due to the increased energy) increase their activity.  More healthy cell tissue is then produced which speeds up the healing process.

The light also stimulates the circulatory system which will improve the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the damaged tissues.

Laser therapy is best delivered as soon as an injury occurs. 

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Thursday, 10 August 2017

July 2017 Review

Basil is really starting to come round and supple now in walk and trot.  Lots of circles, serpentines and changes of rein.  I am feeling changes and progress but our canter transitions are so inconsistent and it is difficult to get the balance right between preparation (to get the correct lead) and not letting him get too over excited.

My Aims for July were: 

1.      Calmness and Rhythm - great, until we think about canter
2.      Suppleness - definitely progress
3.      More balance and slower in canter - occasionally
4.      Correct canter leads, probably about 75% of the time
5.      Turn on forehand - improving
6.      Leg yield circles (spirals) - done some in walk and trot
7.      Canter Poles - no but set up for August
8.      Small jump - no jump but all set up for August

This is what July  looked like:

1st - ride in arena.  Unusually Basil was feeling quite lazy today, I think he was feeling fat because I moved the fence last night!  We walked over the poles today and just had a little canter as we are just getting back into it after my holiday.

2nd  - hack out today, we met another horse on our way home so he got a bit excited but he was better behaved than he has been other times we have met one!

4th - lunged today, he was very good.

5th - rode in the arena again today.  We had some good walk and trot serpentines but struck the wrong lead on both canter reins :(

7th - lunged.

8th - hack out - lovely.

9th - arena, turn on the forehand is definitely getting better.  Basil just trotted faster and faster when anticipating canter so I had to do lots of circles to try and calm him down.  Today Tommy has been here for 2 years x

11th - lunged again.

12th - 17th not feeling well :(

18th - lunged again as feeling a bit better.

19th - arena with some brilliant walk spirals, canters a bit fast but we did get the correct leads and had some lovely trot serpentines.  Vet for a follow up blood test for Chesney.

21st - lunged today, it was quite windy and Basil was a bit silly but he did stay on the circle JUST!

22nd - arena again, walk poles and leg yield.  Canters were OK but still a bit fast, correct leads though.

23rd - rained a lot.

24th - lunged - he is really settled in this now.  Chesney's blood test results in and his levels are improving but still could be better so need to increase his tablets.

25th - rode in the arena again.  Turn on the forehand, walk leg yield and spirals in walk and trot.  Worked really well on the left rein and good canter transition and canter but then he anticipated on the right rein.

26th - arena again today to try and build on yesterday.  Great trot over poles today, he didn't rush and stayed balanced.  BUT wrong lead 2nd canter on left rein because anticipating and getting excited with his head in the air.  Got a good canter next time though.  We had some great trot work though with bend and suppleness.

28th - lunged.

29th - hack out.  Increased Chesney's Prascend tablets to 1.5.

30th - arena with lots of circles, walk, trot and serpentines.  Canter were better transitions but a bit fast.  Tommy had a bomb around the field half way through so Basil got a bit excited.

My Aims for August are the same:

1.      Calmness and Rhythm in canter
2.      Suppleness
3.      More balance and slower in canter
4.      Correct canter leads
5.      Turn on forehand
6.      Leg yield circles (spirals)
7.      Canter Poles
8.      Small jump

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